The Government Wants to Listen In on Your Smart Home

This week was jam-packed with security news. A new worldwide survey of crypto products shows that encryption is international, so a ban makes no sense. Researchers found a way to hack power grids by remotely manipulating air conditioners. Obama covered the basics in a new cybersecurity plan, perhaps in an attempt to secure his legacy. FBI and DHS employees got hacked. Google announced the phasing out of Flash in banner ads. India banned Facebook’s Basics app to support net neutrality. We celebrated the 20-year anniversary of John Perry Barlow’s “Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace” manifesto, and looked at how you can donate your old USB drive to fight North Korean brainwashing. A new Malware Museum was born. And someone finally wrote a good encryption bill to preempt states from trying to implement their own anti-crypto policies at a state level.

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